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1939 New York Golden Gloves



New York Daily News
Friday, March 10, 1939
by Roger Dakin

Billy Speary, one the most highly-heralded Golden Glovers in the world, will lead a star-studded Philadelphia Inquirer team into the Tournament of Champions at the Garden Monday in Tuesday nights.  Speary is former flyweight and present bantam National A.A.U. champ, winner of to Eastern and Inter-city crowns and veteran of an International campaign.  The diminutive Welshman has thrilled thousands in Canada, South America and this country with his masterful boxing.

Speary will be making his first appearance as a bantam before a New York throng.  Opposing him a 15 equally as competent titlists from cities along the Atlantic Sea board.  His squad is loaded with powerhouse punchers.  Stan Baumgarter, of the Inquirer, wires advance warning this crew is far better than the' 38 team which scored an overwhelming victory by copping first awards in five classes.  This contingent is aiming for a clean sweep from flyweight to heavies!


Scheduled to arrive by plane, train and bus, the country's mightiest mitt weilders are massing for this invasion.  Sun-tanned Floridians, Georgia cotton pickers, Virginia plantation workers, North Carolina college students, 5 New Jersey battalions, two teams from up-state New York and a Long Island division.  All are in perfect physical condition. All impatiently await the summons for action, ready to battle their way to the tops of their respective classes in this two-night stock festival.


The gladiators will tangle in two rings Monday night.  It will be Georgia vs. New York, Florida against Buffalo, North Carolina pitted against Passaic, and, before the 88-bout program concludes, customers will have seen 1,000,000 punches traded.



by Jack Mahon

5 New York sluggers led the parade into the final round of the Golden Gloves tournaments champions before more than 17,000 in the Garden last night. Paced by Buddy Moore, the highly-touted colored heavyweight, Basil Jones, Tami Mauriello, Ray Robinson and Henry Jones qualified for the fights which were to decide the Eastern champions of ' 39. The Philadelphia Inquirer squad, favored to capture the team title, was second after the semi-final warfare had subsided. Bill Speary, Johnny Forte, Johnny Noce and T. Steffanelli were the Philly representatives.

Kayoes Feature Golden Gloves

Early in the evening, Philadelphia's Billy Speary, a 118-pounder, connected like a 200-pounder as he sent David Searles of Passaic to sleep in 47 seconds after the opening bell. In the second bout, Ed Forsner of McKenna post actually lasted a round with the dynamic Speary but finally folded in 1.17 of the second.

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Bill Speary (118 lbs.) of Philadelphia knocking out Searles of Passaic, N.J. In finals, Speary won title by 1st round knockout.



Philadelphian Floors Searles, Bantamweight Rival, Twice in Garden Amateur Bout

New York Times
Tuesday March 14, 1939
by Louis Effrat

Knockouts marked the early part of the tournament of champions, amateur boxing extravaganza last night at Madison Square Garden, when Golden Gloves Victor's from various points along the Atlantic seaboard battled in two rings.  Preliminaries in all classes, leading up to the finals tonight, held the interest of 12,000 persons.

Those who came late missed the superb performance of Philadelphia's Billy Speary, twice holder of the National A.A.U. flyweight championship.  Now a bantam, the 20-year-old Speary, a bus driver, disposed of David Searles of Passaic, New Jersey in exactly 47 seconds.

Tearing after his opponent from the opening bell, Speary soon had his man in trouble.  A barrage of lefts and rights sent Searles sprawling, but he arose at the count of 9.  In a flash Speary again swarmed over his rival, delivered another series of blows and dropped him again, this time for a full count.


Another impressive winner was Ray Robinson of the Salem-Crescent AC, who recorded a technical knockout over Armand Dascenza of New Jersey.  The two-fisted Negro lad, possessor of a dynamic uppercut, send Dascenza to the canvas twice and referee Bernie Newman called a halt after 1:45 of the first round in the 126-pound encounter.

wham.jpg (67067 bytes)
Wham Session -- Swing it!

Billy Speary (right) and Ed Forsner mix it up on the ropes.  In the milling, Forsner was butted and bled so he could not go on.



judging from the ovation she received at intermission. Jack Dempsey, S.T. Sunshine, Alan Correlli and Yale's famed All-American, Col. John Reed Kilpatrick, and his lovely wife, sat in a celebrity-studded ringside. George Gainsford with the envy of all for his superb handling and corner coaching. Bill Speary looked better than he ever looked.  Flyweight Basil Jones was so wrought up over having an off night against Johnny Forte he burst into tears. Coach Art Thomas assembled his East squad for training today. The boys fight the West team in Chicago on March 28. Wilfred Smith of the Chicago Tribune scouteded us


The 1939 New York Golden Gloves Team


Daily News Photo

Bill Speary Sweeps Again

Double Kayo?

That's what it looks like. The boys got up, though, in this frantic 118-pound brawl with Philadelphia's Bill Speary going on to cop the decision over Peter Beaton, Westchester. Bill's on bottom of this mix up.




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Bill Speary (white trunks) goes into rough hug while beating Peter Beaton at the Garden last night.

New York Daily News
March 15, 1939


roughhug.jpg (22033 bytes)

New York Daily News
March 15, 1939


Messrs. Bill Speary and Peter Beaton hit the deck in unison during their rough fracas in Goldenb Gloves Tournament of Champions.  Both got up to punch some more, but Speary - a capable lad - won, and advanced to the finals.  Near capacity crowd saw the boys bing & wing.


beaton.gif (245191 bytes)Another Speary Victim

Left: Philadelphia's Bill Speary, top-notch 118-pounder, stands back after crashing Johnny Beaton down for a knockout in the first round of final bout in their class.  Earlier in the evening Bill decisioned Beaton's brother, Pete, in a torrid tussle.


Speary Wins Twice by Knockouts

National Amateur Flyweights Boxing Champion Stops Two Rivals

Bill Speary, national A.A.U. flyweight boxing Champion, knocked out two rivals in the Golden Gloves tournament of champions at Madison Square Garden last night.
Displaying a crushing attack, Speary finished David Searles, in 47 seconds of the first-round, and then came back to stop Ed Forsner in 1.17 of the second round of his second bout.
Johnny Forte, Eddie O'Leary, John Noce, Tom Steffanelli and Bill Sartori were the other Philadelphia boxers to follow Speary along the victory trail.


Daily News Photo



Decked out in glistening new bathrobe, Bill Speary of Philly leaves Garden ring after kayoing David Searles in the first round.

New York Daily News
March 15, 1939

hesachamp.jpg (20857 bytes)

HE'S A CHAMP! Bill Speary shows Trainer Art Thomas Golden Gloves championship belt he won in 118 pound class last night. Left: Bill, a Philadelphia Inquirer entrant, steps back after kayoing Johnny Beaton in first-round of their title bout.


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