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'37 Internationals
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The boxing legions of Rome, imbued with the spirit of Il Duce (extreme left), invade the Yankee Stadium Wednesday nite to battle New York's Golden Glovers. The dignitaries who will attend include Mayor LaGuardia (extreme right). Giuseppe Farfanelli (left center) and Federico Cortonesi (right center) are two of Italy's hopes. Bill Speary (center) is New York's reigning sensation.


June 6, 1937 New York Daily News
Daily News Photo

June 10, 1937 New York Daily News
Daily News Photo

Golden Glovers Weighing-inů10th Floor ...News Building

Bill Speary (left), Uncle Sam's crack 112-pounder, squares off in a sham battle with Guido Nardecchia of Italy. They met in real ring warfare a few hours later.



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