Speary-Jackson Bout Tops Amateur Card

National AAU Champion will Turn "Pro" After Bout Here Tonight.


Here is the list of bouts that will be presented by The Little Stick A. A. this evening in Mealey's auditorium:
At 126 lbs.: Billy Speary. Nanticoke, national bantamweight champion, vs. Paul Jackson Reading
At, 130 lbs.: Sammy Washington, Bethlehem, vs. John Gall, Freeland.
Heavyweights: Bob Hoffman, Tamaqua, vs. Frankie Radio, Allentown
At 142 lbs.: Joe DeNofio, Freeland, vs., Al Maitz, Limeport
At, 150 lbs.: Danny Collins, Tamaqua, vs. Joe Swatkoskie, Reading.
At 124 lbs.: Georgie Haldeman, Hokendauqua, Vs. Donnie Miller, Reading.
At 130 lbs.: Fred MorrLs. Reading, vs. John Holley, Bethlehem.
At 147 lbs.: Al Durange, Freeland, vs. Joe Strafeski, Reading.
At 35 lbs.: Johnny Tomasic, Emmaus vs. Carl Kimball, Allentown (tournament bout).
At 132 lbs.: Joe Goldebeck, Tamaqua vs. Beaver Hartley, Freeland.
There will be one other bout to be announced tonight.
Most of the bouts listed above see tournament entries contested, the Tomasic-Kimball bout is the only elimination bout.
Champion Speary is the exception to the tournament entrees. The great little Nanticoke fighting machine will announce his entry into the professional ranks after tonight bouts.
In deserting the ranks of the Simon Pures. Billy is simply making a decision which will mean money for him. Such professional boxing promoters as Mike Jacobs of New York, Muggsy Taylor of Philadelphia Nate Lewis of Chicago, as well as western promoters, predict that Speary will earn an independent fortune within two years. They are not forgetting that mean while they too will be benefited. As an amateur, Speary has packed arenas from coast to coast. One of the most colorful ringmen that ever drew on a glove, he is certain to do the same thing as a professional.
His opponent tonight is a chap who has given him perhaps the hardest battle of his career. While Speary is the favorite to win, even his most, ardent admirers know the victory won't be one-sided. However, because of his professional future, it will be important for him to win as decisively as possible.
Every bout listened for tonight figures to furnish the keenest kind of competition. There are a few new faces, but many of those who will appear have been tried here and never failed to prove the highest type entertainers.
The bouts are A. A. U. sanctioned and supervised by the State Athletic commission.
The doors open at seven o'clock and the first bout goes on at 8.30 sharp.






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