Boxing fans for all sections of the Lehigh Valley and especially from the anthracite belt are coming to Mealey's auditorium a Monday evening to see national bantamweight champion Billy Speary, box Paul Jackson of Reading. It rates to be an outstanding amateur contest and what adds to the interests is the fact that this will be Speary's last amateur contest.

Beginning his boxing career as a flyweight, Speary won the title at 112 pounds for two successive years. In 1939 he began to campaign for the title at 112 pounds, found he couldn't make the weight and then copped the national title at 118 pounds. This year he's not in the tournament because there's not sufficient competition at 118 pounds.

For Speary, the national title really means the world's title, for there is no European boxer at the weight who compares with him.

For the bout here on Monday night, Speary is stepping out of his class. He will box Jackson at 126 pounds. This means that Jackson will come in at that weight, a poundage he can make easily enough, while Speary will wait about six pounds less.

Last summer Jackson not only stayed the limit with Speary, he gave the Nanticoke champion a tough battle. In defeating Sammy Washington here last Monday night, Jackson showed that he's better now than he probably was when he boxed Speary before. It means that the fans are in for real treat.

Washington Seeks Return

Supporters, as well as Washington himself, were confident last Monday that Sammy would take the measure of Jackson. Although it was close decision, they had no complaint. They agreed that Paul had the edge, his stinging punches several times sending Washington on his heels.

Washington will meet John Gall of Freeland here tomorrow night. Gall was originally scheduled to box champion Speary. It was Jackson's great showing last Monday night which caused the switch. So Washington drew Gall.

Maitz Draws Denofio

Al Maitz, the crack Limeport welterweight, will seek honors in the Middle Atlantic district tournament. The bout in which he engages tomorrow night is not a tournament bout, but it will give a good slant on what chances he will have in the tournament for he will box Joe DeNofio, clever and hard-hitting Freeland boxer.

Johnny Tomasic and Carl Kimball, representing Emmaus and Allentown respectively, will engage in a tournament bout. The winner will represent the Allentown club in the Lehigh Valley championships.

George Haldeman, the clever and entertaining Hokendauqua featherweight, will clash with Donnie Miller of Reading. Another Reading boxer, Freddie Morris, will meet John Holley, crack Bethlehem boxer.

Heavyweights Meet

Bob Hoffman, Tamaqua heavyweight, is coming here to clash with Frankie Raddio, young Allentown heavyweight. With no competition in the preliminaries locally, Raddio will enter the heavyweight division in the Lehigh Valley championships.

Al Durange, Freeland welterweight will meet Joe Strafesky of Reading; Joe Goldebeck, Tamaqua lightweight clashes with Beaver Hartley of Freeland and Davey Collins of Tamaqua takes on Joe Swatkowskiof Reading.

Because of the heavy demand for seats, the arrangements to handle the crowd at Mealey's on Monday night, have been improved upon.

Speary to Turn Pro after Bout

Battle with Paul Jackson, Reading, in Mealey's Monday to be last as amateur

From featherweight to heavyweight is the weight range of the supporting bouts to the contest between national champion Billy Speary of Nanticoke and Paul Jackson of Reading, which will be decided in Mealey's auditorium on Monday evening under the auspices of The Little Stick AA. It will be the last amateur contest in which Speary will engage before turning professional.

The great little Nanticoke scrapper, three times national champion, is not entering the national amateur championships this year. There's no indication that he would have any real competition in the 118-pound class, the class in which he holds the title. He is meeting Jackson at the featherweight limit, 126 pounds, which means that Jackson will not weigh over that poundage and Speary will weigh between 120 of 122.


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