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Hal Walker
Toronto, Canada

For a young man who cleaned up everything in sight as an amateur and has blazed his way to the top in the moneyed ranks, Billy Speary, the dark, good-looking Nanticoke, Pa., fighter, speaks of his exploits with becoming modesty, of fact which alone makes him unique along rue de cauliflower.

This 23-year-old ringster, who is in town training for his fight Monday at Maple Leave Gardens has only two things in mind right now and one of them is to whip Harry Jeffra when they mingle in their 10-round go -- their third meeting, incidentally, and the other is to join the United States Air Corps.

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Hamilton's Joltin' Boy Is Tough Enough for the Best to Them



What the whosit they have been feeding Jackie Callura 'way down yonder in New Orleans we don't know, but whatever it is, he's giving first-class imitations of a howling Comanche who has been stung by six rattlesnakes. Last night Hamilton's joltin' boy moved over to Providence, Rhode Island, and all but "killed" the featherweight champion of them thar parts, Larry Bolvin, in a 10-rounder. Jackie didn't knock this Bolvin out but chances are Bolvin is sorry he didn't stay down on one of his many visits to the canvas. Bolvin spent most of heat going down and getting up. Six times he hit the deck and each time took the limit.

Speary and Jeffra Headline Good Card at Gardens

Jack Dempsey Arrives in Town

The first time since early in December the boxing fans of Toronto will have their inning tonight at the Maple Leaf Gardens. After two postponed shows, which were scheduled to open the 1942 boxing season locally, the Billy Speary-Harry Jeffra match tonight climaxes a rather anxious month for Promoter Jack Allen.

Twice he has had good main bouts signed, sealed and ready to deliver only to have the fates step in a and force cancellation. But there's nothing to hinder the much anticipated appearance of the great little scrapper, Jeffra. And the same Jimmy said for his co-manager, Jack Dempsey, who arrived from New York this morning and who will be in Jeffra's corner tonight.

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Harry Jeffra Slight Favorite to whip Billy Speary tonight

Bill Speary            

            Harry Jeffra

After two false starts Jack Allen pilot puts his professional fight enterprise into motion for the first time this year at the Maple Leaf Gardens tonight.  He doesn't commence firing in low gear either for his main go features two of the world's finest featherweights in Harry Jeffra of Baltimore and Billy Speary of Nanticoke, Pa.

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Speary, whose record shows he fears no man at his weight, says he'll fight anybody Jack Allen gets for him if he beats Jeffra. And he feels certain he'll be the winner. He's already whipped the Baltimorean twice, according to his figures, although the record book shows they are all square in two tries.


Former Featherweight King Awarded Split Decision; Crowd of 4,300 Braves Weather


by Hal Walker

Harry Jeffra had enough of what it takes in the clutch to outpoint the willing Billy Speary in the main 10-round bout headlining Jack Allen's fight show at the gardens last night.

But he didn't have much to spare.

When the last punch had been deftly flicked away and the gong sounded to end the meeting of these classical little ringman, Jeffra was the winner by a split decision. He gained the votes of referee Billy Burke and one judge, Dr. Les Black. The other judge, Freddie Nobert, cast his ballot for Speary and the dark-hair lad from Nanticoke, Pa., got a lot of sentimental support from the crowd.

Crowd of 4,300

It was close fight and a crowd pleaser too, although Deacon Jack Allan would liked to have had more customers then the approximate 4,300 who braved sub-zero weather to watch the first local fight show of 1942. Alan operated at a slight financial loss.

To get back in front, Jeffra, the former featherweight King, had to come up with a brisk rally in the late rounds to offset a slight lead that Speary enjoyed. Jeffra came with a bounce from the eighth round, hitting sharply and more often than Billy Boy, and so well did he accomplish his punching that he had Speary bleeding from a cut over his left eye, left ear and the back of his head what was all over.

Both fighters showed a keen respect for each other in the early rounds, and after leading would fall into a clinch and hang on until Referee Burke broke them up. Speary piled up points with his aggressiveness, and he had Jeffra back-pedaling on two or three occasions. But when Harry, a notoriously slow starter, began to get the feel of his guns in the sixth round, he looked a whole lot better.

Jeffra fired right hands to Speary's face and finally he opened a deep cut over Billy's left eye. Standing off more in refusing to lead into a clinch, Jeffra worked effectively to the head and body and paid particular attention to his rival's bad eye.

Speary Started Strong

For all of that Speary was holding his own. Even in the last round he was standing at manfully and slugging with Jeffra, and for a little man Mr. Speary throws a mean left hook.

In the very first round Speary almost decked the former title holder and the crowd, definitely pro Speary roared for a knockout. A left took to the stomach and straight right to the head rocked the Baltimore scrapper. Speary concentrated on the body, shifting his attack but seldom, and in the late rounds Jeffra was wincing every time he was hit in the stomach. Jeffra was to 2 to 1 betting choice, but he didn't look like anything resembling that price when they started in to trade punches.

The Global and Mail score card gave Jeffra five rounds, Speary three and scored two even.

Jack Dempsey, co-manager of Jeffra, worked in his fighter's corner, and the former Manassas Mauler received a big welcome from the fans.





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