Bill Speary-Samuels Bout Here Tonight Tops Off Amateur Card

Biggest Crowd of Indoor Season Expected to Witness Bang up Program at Mealey's

Jan. 31, 1940

Tonight, in Mealey's auditorium, the present and three-time national A.A.U. boxing champion, Bill Speary, of Nanticoke, will bow himself out of amateur ring society in a bout with Hubert Samuels, of Philadelphia. In an effort to accommodate all the sports fans who wish to see the bouts, the Little Stick AA, sponsors of the bouts, have arranged the seats so as to accommodate 300 additional fans.

Speary was beaten when Hubert Samuels crashed him on the whiskers in Philadelphia last summer and sent him spinning to the floor a 9 count. However, Samuels is the only boxer who holds a decision over Speary, which the champion has not erased by defeating the man who had won over him, in a subsequent bout. The two contests with Billy Davis in the Allentown Fair Grounds are an illustration. Davis won the first and no one disputed it, but in the return bout, the champion won.

When Speary appeared in Allentown with Paul Jackson as his opponent, two weeks ago, that was to be his final amateur bout. He was then slated to make his pro debut tonight in Scranton. Since then, the Scranton bout was set back to next Monday night. When the local sponsors of the amateurs learned about the postponement, they asked Speary to make one more appearance here.

"Get us Hubert Samuels of Philadelphia," said Art Thomas, trainer of Speary, "and we will come to Allentown to box for you. Samuels is the only blot on Billy's amateur record. All we what is the chance, but I'm sure that Billy will wipe out that decision too."

Samuels is coming here. A full-fledged featherweight, he will meet Speary tonight at the featherweight limit, 126 pounds. Billy weighed 126 against Jackson two weeks ago. Samuels is confident that he can repeat the feat of last summer and defeat the champion for the second time.


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