Nanticoke Boy Turns down Offer of Babe Cullen for Olympic Chance



New York, March 1-Babe Cullen's offer to have Bill Speary, Nanticoke, Pa., national A.A.U. and defending Golden Gloves flyweight champ, desert amateur ranks and turn pro, will not interest the battler in the least, it was learned last night at the Park Central Hotel, New York City, where Speary, under the supervision of Golden Gloves Coach Art Thomas, is priming himself for his semi-final scrap with Basil Jones, New York, at the Hippodrome tonight.

Speary intends to remain amateur until the 1940 Olympics, which team he hopes to become eligible for. Said Speary:

"Pro fighting doesn't lure me yet. I doubt if I will turn pro for long time to come. It's my ambition to win the Olympic title before considering the money brackets.

"When I'm ready to do the trick, Coach Art Thomas who has done more for me and many Nanticoke lads than anyone else, will be my manager. This is not the first inducement offered me, and like the rest, I'll turn it down."

Bill has been training in Lou Stillman's gym since kayoing Tony Palamara, veteran Golden Glover, in a heat at the Hippodrome last week. He's in tip-top form now and is impatiently awaiting the opening bell that will summon him for action. Speary tips the scales at 113, the weight he's required to make for the semis. If he gets by Basil Jones, he's all set for the Garden finals March 7.


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