Note for:   Permelia Speary,   28 MAR 1807 -          Index
     Place:   possibly Hilton Cemetery, Troy Township, Bradford County, PA

Individual note:   
twin of Emelia.

A small tombstone near Susan Speary Beach in Hilton Cemetery, Troy Township, Bradford County, PA is marked Permelia. Another in the same location is marked Emelia. There are no last names & no dates. Need to check cemetery records for last names of those buried there.

Interestingly enough these small tombstones are directly on top of Susan's grave - not one inch in front of her own head stone. This led me to believe the graves could be for daughters of Susan Speary & Benjamin Beach - namesakes for Susan's twin sisters. However, I find only 1 child - a son named Charles, age 1, in the 1850 census. Susan died in 1853. Unless she & both of these girls all died within a relatively short period of time, I see nothing to show them as daughters.

They mayalso be Susan's sisters. Directly in front of Susan is a large family monument for the name Piatt or Platt. It shows two men married to women named Emelia & Permelia

The family Bible lists only 1 death after Emilia & Permelia & does not specific which one of them it is for. The date is Dec. 21, 1834 I it is Emelia as the 1850 census of Fishing Creek Township (Columbia County, Pa.) shows a Permelia Sperry in her 40s living with a family by the name of Labour.

"The History of Sullivan County" states Permelia married Abraham Ephliam - again, there is no record of this marriage yet & again no family by this name shows up in the censuses. If the Permelia in Fishing Creek Township in 1850 is THIS Permelia Speary (and I know of no other that would have been here) why is her name not Permelia Ephliam?

For now, Abraham Ephliam will stay listed as her spouse but he may turn out to be just another inaccuracy in that particular book. The same book that listed Hannah Bennett as mother to most of Miles' children- even though they were born well before he moved to Sullivan county & married her.


Note for:   Samuel Speary,   3 MAR 1811 - 2 MAY 1887          Index
     Place:   Sugar Hill Cemetery, Schuyler Co, NY

Individual note:   
Samuel Speary was born in Huntington, Luzerne County, Pa & first arrived in Davidson Township, Sullivan county with his brother Christopher in 1826 at the age of 15. His father, Miles, had arrived earlier.

Wilbur Flick 3 is noted in the 1860 Pa. census as residing with Samuel Speary. Flick is the married name of Samuel's sister Sophia. She died in 1856. I believe this may be her son.

Samuel & Mary do not appear in the 1870 Pa census but show up again in an 1875 Census record for the town of Orange (East), Schuyler co., NY. It reads as follows:

head of household Samuel Speary aged 64
born in Luzerne Co., Pa. married to
Mary age 66
born in Columbia Co., Pa.
His occupation is farmer
Also living in the house are:
Amos W. Flick age 18 listed as his adopted son born in Pennsylvania single .This would be the same age as the Wilbur Flick noted in the 1860 Pa census. The W. is probably for Wilbur.
Rosetta Brown age 9 listed as his granddaughter born Sullivan Co., Pa.


Note for:   Susan Speary,   29 MAY 1815 - 4 JAN 1853          Index
     Place:   Hilton Cemetery, Troy Township, Bradford County, PA

Individual note:   
Also known as Susannah.

Susan is buried at Hilton Cemetery, Troy Township, Bradford County, PA. Her tombstone reads:
Jan. 28, 1853
wife of Benjamin
daughter of Miles S. and Sophia Speary

The family Bible lists her date of death as Jan 4, 1853 (2 weeks earlier)

I have seen 8 other children noted as children of Benjamin Beach & Susan Speary - Fred, Frank, Benton, Lincoln, Emma, Ellen, Sarah, and Matties. However, Susan only lived 5 1/2 years after they married. I don't think it is possible for her to have had 9 children in that amount of time(and possibly daughters Emelia & Permelia). Additionally I have seen a birthdate for Lincoln as being several years AFTER Susan's death. I believe at least several of the children are from a second marriage of Benjamin.

Charles is the only one I find documented so he is the only one listed.

Near Susan's grave are two small stones that simply read:
Amelia & Permelia

I had initially thought Susan may have named 2 of her daughters after her twin sister by the same names. However, I've found no documentation of Susan having children by those names. The graves may actually be those of her twin sisters. Need to check cemetery records to be sure.