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Baseball, football and basketball - all have their respective National Halls of Fame, located in their respective ancestral homes. Boxing has never had that honor. Possibly because boxing, as a centuries old sport, simply does not have a "home town" or perhaps because it is not an "all American" sport  no one had every bothered.

Whatever the reason, until recently, veteran boxers have always been honored by regional & state Halls of Fame.  Billy Speary has been honored by several.


Wyoming Valley Sports Hall Of Fame


Wyoming Valley Boxing Hall Of Fame


Pennsylvania  Boxing Hall Of Fame


International Boxing Hall of Fame


While professional boxing champions have always been among the most celebrated athletes in history, until recently,  there has never been an organization willing to take on the responsibility of preserving the  history of boxing & those who participated in the sport.

Several years ago, the residents of Canastota, N.Y., wanted to honor two local men who had became world champions.  Since they did not have even a local Hall of Fame, the townspeople raised the money themselves for a showcase to display the achievements of their  local heroes.

The enthusiastic response of the townspeople and the huge success of the project encouraged Canastota to establish a museum -  which is now recognized as the International Boxing Hall Of Fame.

In the last few years, many boxing legends, have received  long overdue enshrinement.  While Billy Speary has not yet received this honor and I am sure that the list of "would be" inductees is quite long & full of remarkable fighters, I am equally as certain -  having full knowledge of his ring achievements - that he undoubtedly deserves to be & one day surely will be enshrined along side the other all time greats of boxing history.


The International Boxing Hall of Fame is located at exit 34 of the New York State Thruway.

International Boxing Hall of Fame
1 Hall of Fame Drive
Canastota, NY 13032 

Phone: (315) 697-7095, Fax: (315) 697-5356


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