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Nanticoke  Amateur Fistmen in Dallas, Texas, Ring

Nanticoke's five outstanding amateur boxers will compete in the Pan-American tournament at Dallas, Texas, on August first, according to the announcement of their trainer, Art Thomas, today.

Those to enter the competition are Billy Speary, national flyweight King; Joe Kelly, national lightweight champion; Freddy Lewis, runner-up in the nationals with Mal Lewis, his brother and Dick Powell, also runners-up in the national competition.

The achievements of the Nanticoke team are the greatest in amateur ring history.  At no previous time has a single locality the size of this coal mining community produced such an outstanding crop of leather pushers.

The team has been in competition only two years, yet in every major ring event since the beginning they have shown an advantage even gaining the finals of the Eastern sub-novice championship in their maiden  effort.

The Nanticokers have been invited to Texas as part of the U.S. team which will engage Pan-American champions.


The US boxing team in Dallas, Texas for the Pan-Am Exposition - August 1937.


Billy Speary in action at the Pan-Am Exposition.

Both pictures are official Pan American Exposition photos by William Langley


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