Little Fellows Meet at Fair Grounds Here Monday Night, July 29th

Unless the plans of the local boxing promoters go amiss, the most important contest of the season will be the next one to be decided at Allentown Fair Grounds arena. It will see Billy Speary of Nanticoke meeting Billy Davis of Minersville in the feature bout of eight rounds.


State Lightweight Champ May Face Davis Providing He Beats Speary

Both Boys to Enter Ring With Unmarred Professional Record

Tommy Spiegal of Uniontown, state lightweight champion, is willing to come to Allentown to defend his title. His manager George Sheppard said so last night over the telephone from his home in Brooklyn.


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Speary - Davis Bout feature At Allentown

Coal region Battlers to Meet First Time as Pros

Eastern Pennsylvania's most important fistic event for the current outdoor season is scheduled for next Monday night, July 29, at the Allentown Fair Grounds.  It will bring together Billy Speary, Nanticoke, and Billy Davis, Minersville, in an eight round contest.

Less than 12 months ago, both Speary and Davis turned professional.  They've not box each other since that last three round thriller in the Allentown arena.  However, their careers run parallel in that each remains undefeated as a professional.  The victory over Eddie O'Leary last week was Speary's 17th straight.  In his last bout, Davis knocked out Steve Yuhaas in five rounds.

Conditions for the Allentown match call for the boxers to weigh in at 133 pounds at 3:00 in the afternoon.  Speary, a legitimate featherweight, will weigh in six or seven pounds under that figure.  Davis, a small lightweight will come in under the poundage and retain his best fighting form.


Speary Heavier for Davis Bout

Each Must Weigh In Under 133 Pounds for Bout Here Monday

Whittlers usually whittle downward, but Billy Speary is engaged in the unusual pastime of whittling upward. His purpose, reversed as this may seem, is to whittle down the difference in weight between him and Billy Davis of Minersville, when they enter the ring at the Allentown Fair Grounds next Monday night, for the purpose of deciding once and for all, the supremacy between the two in an eight round contest.

Davis and Speary Will Weigh In Under 133 for Their Bout Tonight

Little Fellows Collide in Long Awaited Feature Clash at Fair Grounds Arena

Billy Speary of Nanticoke and Billy Davis of Minersville will weigh in at 3 o'clock this afternoon, daylight saving time, at the Allentown Fair Grounds, for their battle in the Fair Grounds arena tonight. Dr R A Dengler, representing the state Athletic Commission, will officiate.


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Former National Amateur Champion Gains Decision Over Minersville Lad

Bill Speary, Nanticoke, who was national amateur champion on three occasions, punched out a decision over Billy Davis, Minersville, in eight rounds before some 5000 fight fans at the Allentown Fair Grounds Monday evening.


Billy Speary Gets Decision over Billy Davis by Outboxing Minersville Boy All the Way

Unleashing a Merciless body attack with the opening bell and never letting up for an instant, Billy Speary, Nanticoke youngster who three times won the national A.A.U. bantam championship, last night punched out a decisive eight-round victory over Billy Davis, of Minersville, in the feature bout of the open air fistic program at the Fair Grounds last night.

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4000 Fans See Featherweight Champ of Coal Region Defeat Minersville Kayo Puncher

Allentown, Pa., July 30-Billy Speary of Nanticoke, Golden gloves and world's amateur featherweight champion, who has 18 victories as a pro, demonstrated his ability before 4000 fans here last night by out pointing Billy Davis of Minersville in eight-round wind up battle.


Speary Wins

"Bill" Speary took Billy Davis, Minersville thumper last night at the Allentown Fair Grounds… winning the eight round bout on decision… it was the third meeting between the two ring gladiators… twice as amateurs and once in a professional bout … Speary, Nanticoke battler and three times national A.A.U. champ, is just a little bit too smart for the willing and aggressive Davis… since turning professional and packing away some 15 bouts Speary has yet to lose his first money fight…

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