".... His victories in the ring have made his name a household word in the realm of sports...."


Links lead to original full text newspaper & magazine articles relating to each event.


Feb. 7 Charley Hayes, Scranton KO 2
Mar. 4 Paul Jackson, Allentown W 6
Mar. 5 Jimmy Mingo, Scranton KO 1
Mar. 11 Paul Jackson, Scranton W 6
Mar. 29 Leroy Ponzi, Wilkes-Barre
Apr. 8 Paul Jackson, Scranton W 6
Apr. 19 Len D'Andrea, Wilkes-Barre W 6
May 3 Harvey LaCalle, Tamaqua, Pa. KO 5
May 7 Joey Hoffman, Wilkes-Barre KO 2
May 17 Johnny Forte, Wilkes-Barre W 8
June 17 Firpo Lopez, Scranton W 8
July 16 Eddie O'Leary, Wilkes-Barre W 8
July 29 Billy Davis, Allentown W 8
Aug. 20 Al Brown, Wilkes-Barre W 8
Sept. 9 Dom Fiantini, Allentown W 8
Sept. 10 Joe Amico, Wilm., Del. W 6
Oct. 1 Joey Archibald, Wilkes-Barre W 10
Nov. 19 Harry Jeffra, Wilkes-Barre W 10
Dec. 2 Jimmy Gilligan, Scranton W 10
Dec. 9 Aurel Toma, Phila., Pa. KO 5


Billy Is Voted Worthy Challenger for the Feather Crown-Armstrong Is Awarded Neil Trophy

New York, Dec. 4-Henry Armstrong, former holder of the featherweight, lightweight and welterweight world's titles was voted the Edward J. Neil Memorial Trophy by the New York Boxing Writers' Association at Hotel Lincoln.

It was the third annual award. Jack Dempsey won the trophy in 1938 and Billy Conn last year. The award is named in honor of the late Edward J. Neil, Associated Press war correspondent who was killed during the war in Spain, and lead written sports for the AP it is made usually to the boxer contributing most of the sport.


Billy Speary, Nanticoke Golden Glover, who thrice won the national amateur championship and won 19 bouts since turning pro and has yet to taste defeat was given special recognition among the featherweight challengers. He was rated third to Pete Scalzo and Charly Wright. The following list shows the ranking of champs and outstanding challengers:

Heavyweight-Champion, Joe Louis; challengers, BillyConn, Pittsburgh and Max Baer, Sacramento, California, (tied) and Red Burman, Baltimore.
Light-heavyweight-champion, Conn; challengers, Jimmy Webb, Fort Worth, Texas; Tommy Tucker, New York; Mello Bettina, Beacon, N.H.
Middleweight-champion, Ken Overlin, Norfolk, Virginia; challengers, Steve Belloise, New York; Tony Hale, Chicago; Billy Soose, Farrell,Pa.
Welterweight-champion Fritzie Zivic, Pittsburgh; challengers, Henry Armstrong, Los Angeles; Lou Ambers,Herkimer, New York; Mike Kaplan, Boston
Lightweight-champion, Lew Jenkins, Sweetwater, Texassilicone challengers Sammy Angott, Louisville; Dave Castilloux, Montreal; Aldo Spoldi, Italy
Bantamweight-champion, Lou Salica, New York; challengers, Tommy Forte, Philadelphian; Tony Olivera, Los Angeles; Kui King Young, Hawaii
Flyweight-champion, Little Dado, Hollywood, California; challengers (only two named), Little Pancho, Philippines, Manuel Ortiz, Los Angeles.


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