Officials Told to Report to State Commission at Armory Tuesday Night. Boxers Finish Training

The Speary-O'Leary fistic feud which has Wyoming Valley fans agog with excitement and has carried interest throughout the state, will be witnessed by all three State Commissioners tomorrow night, when George Jones, Leon Rains and Havey Boyle will occupy ringside seats.

Full page newspaper cartoon regarding the "build up" to the Speary/O'Leary fight. 

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Speary Wins Over O'Leary

Work in Last Four Rounds Earns Nanticoke Boy Easy Decision

WILKES-BARRE, PA. July 16. (AP) -- For four rounds Billy Speary, of Nanticoke, and Eddie O'Leary of Pringle, both of whom were undefeated since leaving the amateur ranks, put on a great show but the latter developed a pain in his left side early in the fifth round and Speary made a rout of it the rest of the way to win an easy decision here tonight.

Up until the fifth O'Leary had won two rounds and gained a draw in another. But Eddie was helpless in the fifth and could hardly lift his arms. As a result, Speary backed him into the corner on several occasions and belted him with everything but the ring posts. There were no knockdowns and neither boy suffered a cut.

It was the 14th straight victory for Speary and O'Leary's initial defeat in seven matches.

In the semi-final Sergeant Johnny Snyder, 180, Newtown, knocked out Ralph Coslosky, 185, Pringle, with a hard right to the stomach in 1:47 of the first round.

Joe Kiddish, 141, Freeland, finished fast to gain the nod over Joe Dinofrio, 141, Hazleton. Mal Lewis, 174, Nanticoke, was out in front all the way in gaining the decision over Johnny Gall, 132, Freeland. Lew Murphy, 134, Scranton, dropped a decision to Patsy Gall, 136, Freeland.


O'Leary Almost Helpless in Seventh and Eight Rounds

"Billy" Speary, Nanticoke Golden Glove champ, weighing 123, last night before 3110 fans who paid $3400 decisively out pointed Eddie O'Leary, 120, Pringle featherweight in the feature 8-round bout at the 109th Westmoor Armory.

O'Leary won two out of eight rounds, the third and forth, while he got an even break in the second.  Speary won all the other rounds by a wide margin and in this 7th and 8th rounds his body punching had O'Leary punch drunk and groggy and on the verge of the knockout.  The decision for Speary was unanimous by referees Leo Houck , of Penn State college, "Mike" Bernstein, local boxing writer and Bill Kehoe, a Williamsport sports editor.

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BY F. X. Welsh
Times-Leader-Evening News Sports Edition

Today we are back at the head of the "I Told You So" class-our predictions on Speary to outpoint Eddie O'Leary and Sergeant Johnny Snyder to score a kayo victory over Coslosky ran true to form-The Speary-O'Leary battle, although one-sided furnished plenty of thrills for the fans-The Pringle kid fought a game uphill battle and made many friends-it looked to me as if Speary was much better trained and 123 pounds was his normal weight-O'Leary at 120 pounds look drawn and fine-He says he wants a return battle with Speary.





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