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bulletBelts & Baubles-Shown in this section of the Photo Gallery are many of the awards, trophies & championship belts won by Billy Speary during his career. During his lifetime many more of these items were loaned to and placed on displayed in various establishments owned by his friends & acquaintances. 
Unfortunately, after his death - when his family left Bethlehem & returned to their hometown near Nanticoke - these items were left behind. As a result, they have been lost to the family ever since.
bulletPress Photos - The family collection of original photos courtesy of The New York Daily News, The Philadelphia Inquirer and World News Photo - as well as several other Associated Press sources.  Whenever possible credit has been given to the source.  Unfortunately, after 50- some years, many "back stamps" can no longer be read.

For these the author is truly grateful as it was through these "back stamps" and attached headlines that I was able to date & organize much of the material on this site.


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