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"...Here was an era, believe it or not, when amateur boxing was the big thing during a decline in the professional variety. It drew as well as the pro game because of a few outstanding boxers, the best of which was Billy Speary..."


bulletWas immediately placed in the open class (never fought sub-novice) 
bulletFought More Than 200 Bouts
bulletLost Only 15 (never to a man his own weight).***
bulletReversed every loss in a return bout
bulletMore than 150 wins by Knockout
bulletHe was only "off his feet" four times.
bulletWent 186 consecutive fights without a loss
bulletHeld 17 Amateur Titles

Bill fought more times in Madison Square Garden and held more gold belts and prizes for boxing than any other fighter.

His bouts drew record crowds and on many occasions arenas installed additional seating in order to meet the demand for tickets.  Unfortunately, it was never enough and many fans still had to be turned away.


bulletMiddle Atlantic Title - 1937, '38 & '39
bulletNew York Golden Gloves - 1937, '38 & '39
bulletNY-Chicago (Inter-City) Golden Gloves - 1937, '38 & '39
bulletNational Golden Gloves - 1937, '38 & '39
bulletInternational Golden Gloves - 1938 & '39

***  In order to secure matches, Billy often had to concede weight limits by anywhere from 6 to 12 lbs.  They simply couldn't find enough competition for him otherwise.


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