Speary Kayos LaCalle in 5th

Floors Canadian Three Times in Winning at Tamaqua

The powerful right-hand of Billy Speary, Nanticoke's two-time national amateur bantamweight champion, closed the brilliant ring career of Harvey LaCalle of Ottawa, Canada in defeat last night. The coal region pugilist scored a knockout in 1:55 of the fifth round of the feature bout at Tamaqua.

LaCalle, engaging in his last bout before enlisting in the Canadian army, waged a valiant battle for four rounds but was no match for the rights thrown by Speary in the fifth.

The Canadian was floored for the count of eight in the second round but came back strong in the third and fourth to hold the former national champion on even terms. In the fifth LaCalle was knocked down twice for the count of eight by a barrage of rights and once for no count before the final knockdown.

The next professional bill, sponsored by the Tamaqua boxing club, will be held May 24.

Stan Berock, 151, Palo Alto, won a decision over Al Maitz, 145, Limeport, in four rounds.
Frankie Bluis, 146, Minersville, won a decision over "Choo Choo" Derr,148, Allentown, in four rounds.
Leroy Ponzi, 128, Hazelton won a decision over Billy Kunkel, 128 Tamaqua, and 6 rounds.
Gene Pinter, 160, McAdoo, knockout Johnny Tillman, 156, McAdoo, in 1:45 a first-round.
Billy Speary, 124, Nanticoke, knocked out Harvey Lacalle, 128, Ottawa, Canada, in 1.55 a fifth round.
Referee: Johnny Kelly, Wilkes-Barre, judges: Philip Sless, Shenandoah; Michael Moses, Hazelton.






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