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37 Inter City
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"...from every point in the country, fight fans are waiting for their glimpse of "this boy Speary."..."

New York- Chicago (Inter-City) Golden Gloves



N.Y. Glovers Train

Trainer Young Otto, gives Bill Speary instruction before spar match. Speary will probably open the fighting on Wednesday.

Chicago, Ill. Mar. 23, 1937




William Speary, New York,beat Jimmy Urso, Chicago 

Speary' long lefts kept Urso at bay. Urso finally weaved in close and smacked Speary around the body. Speary continued to be effective with his left jab until Urso caught him with a right over the eye.
The second round started with both boys scoring with hard rights to the head. Speary threw lefts to the body and rights to the head.
In the final round Speary threw long rights and lefts to Urso's head. Urso landed a right to Speary's chin. They traded hard rights to the head. Urso hammered Speary around the midsection, but Speary responded with right uppercuts.

Mar. 24, 1937


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